How to Recruit Top Talent in Two Steps

How to Recruit Top Talent in Two Steps

Turn Talent into Productive, Loyal Employees Who Feel Invested in Your Success

Before you can engage employees (or disengage them for that matter), you need to get them in the door. Many times, this means repeating the same tired recruitment process any time a job vacancy opens up. But how can you be sure top talent is even looking for a job in that specific moment?

In order to attract the top talent in any field, creating a talent pool – or network of your area or industry’s best and brightest – is crucial. A lot of companies understand this, but the how is often elusive. According to Causecast, a group that provides giving and volunteering technologies to help companies make the most of their social impact initiatives, two tactics stand out as the most essential ingredients for recruitment. They’re simple, straightforward, and there’s a secret to achieving both.

Step One: Become an Irresistible Company

When you’ve built an exciting brand, you’ll find that top talent seeks you out or becomes very interested in talking when you approach them. Your company doesn’t need to be a big household name to become irresistible; in fact, sometimes a smaller size allows for greater flexibility to adopt innovative approaches to recruitment.

One of the strongest ways to build an irresistible company is by integrating purpose into the workplace. And leaders of companies with strong CSR programs are noticing the bottom-line results predicted by Project ROI, a study led by Verizon and Campbell’s Soup; namely, employee productivity up by as much as 13 percent, reductions in turnover by as much as 50 percent, and workers willing to take up to a five percent pay cut to work for a company doing CSR well.

Indeed, study after study shows that Millennial employees in particular won’t settle for less than a purpose-filled workplace. A 2011 Deloitte Volunteer Impact study found that 61% of Millennials would consider a company’s commitment to the community when making a job decision, and that those who frequently participate in workplace volunteer activities are more likely to be proud, loyal and satisfied employees.

A separate study by Achieve showed that the third top consideration for Millennials applying for a job is the company’s involvement with causes, and more than 50% of Millennials accept a job based upon a company’s involvement with causes. And a recent survey by Fidelity found that 25-to 35-year-olds who are looking for a new job prioritize a better quality of life at work over a bigger salary. In fact, young people would rather give up an average of $7,000 in compensation than forfeit engagement goodies like healthier work/life balance and more career development.

Step Two: Leverage Current Employees as Your Best Brand Ambassadors

Candidates often choose jobs based on the people they’ll be working with as much as the job itself, which is why an engaged employee who’s happy with his job and passionate about his company’s mission is one of the best forms of recruitment. Every person in this engaged employee’s network will have a favorable impression of your company, particularly if this employee is active on social media.

But you don’t have to simply hope that your employees will say nice things about you; some companies offer incentives to bring new talent in the door. Sure, employees are already motivated by the prospect
of bringing in people they would enjoy working with to become colleagues and ease their workloads. But more concrete incentives could come in the form of a bonus or a cash award for new hires, or a more priceless award like a prime parking spot.

Make it easy for employees to brag about your company by bragging about them, too. “Talented individuals want to work with top talent, so showcasing the all-stars already on your team can help validate why other high-quality candidates should hop on board,” Taso Du Val, founder and CEO of Toptal, told Business Week Daily. Testimonials from current employees about why they like working for your company can also go a long way with prospective candidates.

The secret, Causecast posits, is a genuine, positive approach. In a word, passion.

A resonant corporate culture that is built around employee-centered social responsibility isn’t the only thing that’s important to candidates. But aside from the worthiness of the cause, it absolutely helps your organization stand apart in ways that are increasingly a priority for employees. These days, passion wins. You want passionate people working at your company, and passionate people get charged from working at a company that is creatively pursuing its well-defined values. A company’s positive approach to making the world a better place begets a positive, exciting work culture that employees thrive on, and that top talent demands.

The complete article goes on to share even more actionable insights to build a plan around and statistics that help create a bulletproof case for the power of passion. Read it in full here.

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