How Community Engagement Impacts the Workplace

How Community Engagement Impacts the Workplace

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Gone are the days when corporate America thought the best way to “engage” with the community was to throw a check at a local non-profit. Instead, today community engagement has become a rallying cry for businesses of all sizes — serving as conduit for them to create thoughtful partnerships and programs that engage their employees and make a real impact in their communities.

But is this new approach to community engagement truly making an impact? How are today’s businesses able to walk the line of competing in their marketplace whiling affecting a positive change within their communities? And what are the best ways to measure this impact?

Those are just a few questions we have tackled in our most recent edition of the Purpose at Journal. This quarter’s issue includes:

  • A Business Case for Volunterrism
  • Tips for Measuring the Impact of Community Engagement
  • Statistics on Value of Empolyee Volunteer Programs
  • Real-world Examples of Company Who Has Mastered this Balance


The Purpose at Work Journal provides business leaders with actionable insights and transformative tools to help their organizations do good to do well. This concept, that strengthening the community and the bottom line are not mutually exclusive, is a developing trend in the business world. The Purpose at Work Journal is powered by BVU: The Center for Nonprofit Excellence who strengthens the leadership and expands the capacity of hundreds of nonprofits in Northeast Ohio, while enabling businesses and employers to build strategic, powerful and enduring relationships with the community.

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