The Purpose at Work Journal

The Purpose at Work Journal provides business leaders with actionable insights and transformative tools to help their organizations do good to do well. This concept, that strengthening the community and the bottom line are not mutually exclusive, is a developing trend in the business world.

The Purpose at Work Journal is powered by BVU: The Center for Nonprofit Excellence who strengthens the leadership and expands the capacity of hundreds of nonprofits in Northeast Ohio, while enabling businesses and employers to build strategic, powerful and enduring relationships with the community.

The Purpose at Work Journal will share articles from around the web in addition to original content, such as quarterly reports, studies and toolkit, which support BVU’s mission. The majority of information can be broken into two categories: Purpose Stories and The Bottom Line.

Purpose Stories share inspiring, real-world examples of purpose-driven leaders and businesses making a positive impact in their communities. If you are inspired by the difference engaged businesses can make or are looking for motivation for your next program, look no further than Purpose Stories.

The Bottom Line links do good, do well best practices with the balance sheet, providing step-by-step guides along the way. If you are curious about implementing any of these tactics yourself, the content shared in The Bottom Line will help you make sure you do so as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Visionary executives and emerging leaders who champion this “do good, do well” idea position their organizations to succeed in both the short- and long-term future, getting ahead of growing market demand for companies that lean into social causes, not shy away from them.

Furthermore, there is undeniable evidence that creating an engaged, passionate collection of talent can be accomplished through the do good to do well approach. Attracted, developing and retaining the future shapers of tomorrow’s business landscape is possible through implementation of these best practices.